A VR film by Ronen Tanchum


About the Film

    "When We Land" is a virtual reality film designed and directed by Ronen Tanchum (Phenomena Labs) for the music of Young Yosef.

    The film is composed from a single shot sequence, taking the viewer into a dreamlike journey through polygonal landscapes and morphing environments reacting to the music as you move in the surreal virtual reality space. The elements are shaped to visualize the funky sounds of Young Yosef in a way that's compelling and allows the user to fully immerse into the autonomous world of "When We Land". The film was created specifically for VR headsets as an immersive experience and is available for both Oculus, Samsung's GearVR and cardboards.

About the Technology

    The technology behind the film was developed in house at 'Phenomena Labs' using Microsoft's Kinect as the 3D scanner and Derivative's TouchDesigner as the main platform for audio reactive 3D animation and real time rendering. Following that line, Houdini was then used to generate the ocean's simulation and finally imported into Touchdesigner for the final look and feel of the entire film.

About the Music

    Young Yosef is a band from Tel-Aviv founded in 2015 by musician Joseph Madar. The band recently recorded their debut E.P "Future Legs" produced by Joseph Madar and Aviv Meshulam. The music has an organic, loose and fuzzy sound, full of poppy melodies buried under bright psychedelic colors spreading from sticky synths and organs to sounds of lo-fi guitars and smoky rooms. The E.P will be released in early 2016 on Yabunto Records.


A Film By Ronen Tanchum
Animator & Designer | Ronen Tanchum
Stereo Compositor | Oded Granot
Color & UI Design | Tal Baltuch
Technical Director | Or Fleisher
VR Developer | Stefan Fagu
Co Producer | Guy Fleisher
Website | Or Fleisher

Music by "Young Yosef"
Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizers | Joseph Madar
Bass | Dekel Adin
Drums | Aviv Meshulam
Back Vocals | Gitla Laufer
Written, recorded and produced by Young Yosef.
Co produced and recorded by MRTF Studios.
Mixed By Aviv Meshulam
Mastered By Aran Lavi

Thanks To :
Tom Uziel
Touch Designer Community
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